you were warned

You were warned by Insatiable Pics

You Were Warned featuring Nina Scum and Manon Praline is a dark, short film that puts power- play and dynamic consent at the center of orgasmic pleasure. Slaps, bites, aggression, and affection await and entrance you as you join Nina and Manon. Manon is trusted with Ninas pleasure journey, while Nina is left at the hands of Manon. Watch as Manon Praline engages every last part of Nina Scum’s body. Utilizing foggers and clothespins, using Nina not only for mutual pleasure but the stage for powerful orgasms.

You Were Warned encompasses BDSM and power-play roles of submissive and dominant. Observe the dynamics of consent and exchanges between the Nina and Manon. Let yourself be swept away by the sounds; moans of pleasure, groans of pain, even the orgasmic peaks and playful pauses. You Were Warned is a visual sensation.


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