Rubber Cover Widescreen

Rubber by altSHIFT

A fine mixture between fantasy and reality. It starts with María and Kali making out. Things start getting hotter and hotter, until Kali begs to get fucked. María makes a pause to look for her strap-on and weirdly enough she can’t find it. She keeps looking for it until she disappears in her wardrobe. Kali looks into the strange incident, only to disappear too.

María and Kali suddenly find themselves in a trippy dimension that leads them to a fantasy world with the cutest latex garments, colorful sex toys and lots of fun. And this is the point where fantasy and reality mix. All the sex is done using barrier protection: gloves, dental dams, condoms.

A film that proves that sex fantasies can still address real life safer sex practices and portray female pleasure in simple, realistic dimensions


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