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Love your Cunt by AltSHIFT

A proof of how porn can also be educational when creators set their minds to it. The film title says a lot: "Love your Cunt" is about celebrating diversity, breaking the myth that "normal" vulvas exist and not giving in to the pressure of looking in a certain way.

Among our favorite parts of the film, -besides the bold and direct messages in the acting-, is the natural and casual approach to pleasure and self exploration, from masturbation, to different positions for oral sex, to scissoring. We also liked that a good level of connection and a fun time seem to have more importance than 'achieving' earth shattering orgasms. This could potentially encourage vulva owners who can sometimes feel too pressured to 'achieve' orgasms, to find instead find the pleasure of enjoying the moment. Yes, orgasms are great, they aren't always everything.


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