Femme4Femme4Femme by Aorta Films

A kinky, femme-centered threesome, AORTA Films are very selective about their cast, something that is reflected in the chemistry and fluidity that you see in the scene. Although the performers barely speak, the non-verbal communication between them is really good. There’s constant eye contact, genuine looking smiles, plus the two tops were fully focused on their bottom. While bounded, Ginny Wolf was never left unattended; you can also see Billy and Papi Femme constantly, non-verbally checking in with each other. All these cues suggest that this shoot was done safely, consensually, that the three performers were well aware of each other’s preferences and boundaries, and finally, that the performers are skilled and experienced.

A crucial safety tip when engaging in bondage play is to have safety scissors and hand at all times. For penetrative sex, gloves and lube are super important. They were also used to cover the toys. Take note of the use of pet-training pads as an excellent tip for penetrative sex during menstruation, or any other kind of sex involving lots of fluids.


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