Documenting Desire Play by Play, by AORTA Films

Plenty of elements that should be part of an ethical porn production are present: Official paperwork, a set fully equipped with refreshments, toys and safer sex supplies. A director and crew that put the performer’s welfare as a priority and make sure their needs are properly met. On the performers; side, Bishop, Ginny Woolf and Jiz Lee have plenty of time and space to freely discuss their boundaries, preferences and even moods for the day.
They’re allowed and encouraged to make a pause whenever necessary.

The performers also have time to get familiar with each other and ‘warm up’ before the scene. None of these elements are staged; what is more, they all happen and are encouraged in porn productions done ethically, with a carefully selected, and professional cast.

When it comes to sex, the communication between performers is key. Jiz, Ginny and Bishop express their desires and preferences at all times, look after each other and allow themselves to be playful, silly and vulnerable. Atmospheres like this can only happen when safety and consent are set as a priority.


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