Antici………pation by JoyBear

Anticipation begins with a montage of sexual experiences from two very different people. A sensual voice describes the sex-scapades of two women. One who is empowered by open relationships, casual sex and most of all, being a slut. While the other finds herself on the opposite end of the spectrum, with a deep desire for emotional connection before a physical one. Both friends can learn from the other, both friends can expand upon their own right to be empowered by sex. As the film progresses, we find two new women pool side sharing a very sensual experience together. Sharing not only toys but their bodies and as a result, their own pleasure.

We can learn a lot from Anticipation. Communication is a key component of all the pleasure within this film. The audience can learn to be empowered by their choices as well as expand on their own fantasies. One can always change themselves or try something new and that’s what Anticipation’s narrative is all about. Best of all, Anticipation expands upon the binary perception of sex, making it a must see.


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