Our Values

Sex School is committed to normalizing our right to access honest, unbiased sex education resources. We believe  in the importance of creating resources that are accurate and trustworthy. It’s also crucial for us to deliver this knowledge in ways that are approachable, relatable and that celebrate diversity as a fundamental value for a healthy, pleasurable, true to oneself sex life. For us, ethical practices are a fundamental part of our work and part of our educational mission. Our cast, crew and staff members are paid fairly for their work. Our shoots are always carefully prepared and carried out in a safe, transparent and positive atmosphere.   What values does Sex School live by? Honesty, integrity, smart, fun, innovation, uniqueness, transparent, ethical, prepared, elegant, healthy, caring, respectful, gender free, sexy, knowledgeable, approachable, trustworthy, reality and Community.

  1. Explicit sex education matters.
  2. Diversity is central
  3. Pay every person fairly, from interns to performers.
  4. Our shootings are a safe sex environment, with every performer providing up to date STD checks – and performers choose whether they wish to use a condom.
  5. Connection between performers matters
  6. Every part of the shoot is discussed and agreed beforehand with all performers. We NEVER ask a performer to do something they have not agreed to or expect.
  7. Every shoot includes multiple breaks, food and a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.