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The concept of manifestation may be something we are familiar with, even if you have just heard the term “manifestation” in passing. “Fake it until you make it”, is a common expression that is attached to manifestation, but this does not give you justice for your power and potential.
Learning to utilize your power and by doing so with pleasure, this is the concept that I am calling “sex magic”. Teaching your brain to unconsciously strive for all of your deepest desires. Leaving you only to attract what you are seeking. This may sound to be good to be true, but with some simple steps and a little self-conditioning you can do it too.

Now that you have some idea as to what sex magic is, it’s time to think deeply about how you plan to use it. I believe in “true intensions”, what I mean by this is truly grounding yourself and thinking about what goals you would like to achieve. It is great to think big or small, but think deeply about what you want. If your intension is to own some Christian Louboutin sky high heels one day, like myself, then likely your true intension is to be financially comfortable. It is about taking the simple fantasy and seeking the root of why you want it; that is how you discover your “true intension”. When you find that simple desire I want you to blow it up, then ask yourself why you want it?

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This activity is best to be done in a comfortable space, and without anyone else around. Find yourself a tranquil location, get comfortable and take 4 deep inhales through your nose accompanied by 4 exhales through your mouth. Start to ground yourself, one excellent way to do so is with a body scan. A body scan is when you start from the bottom of your body and just focus on the feeling in one specific location and moving up from there. Typically I begin in my toes and work myself up, I take it slow and take all the time I need. It may be easier to quiet your body before quieting your mind. After you have successfully grounded yourself all that is left is just to think.

Once you have your true intensions, I want you to look for cues that put you on that path. Meaning if you want to exude confidence, what is something you have that makes you feel unbreakable confidence? Or if you are seeking financial comfort, what item(s) make you feel that? It is best to start with one or two items just until you get the hang of sex magic. Your item could be an item of clothing, an accessory, some good food, or my personal favorite, music. This way, when you see, hear, smell, or even taste these things, you are reminding yourself of those true intensions. Your sex magic will start as a conscious reminder, but over time it will become unconscious which is the ultimate goal.

Once you have your special item or items you are going to incorporate that into a more sexual space. This way your mind associates your goal with pleasure and that specific item(s) exists as a daily reminder to you of your true intensions. In my experience I find this to be easiest with music, using a playlist of songs to masturbate to, even if they may not be sexy. These songs I have chosen lyrically reflect my true intensions for myself. By listening while you are masturbating your brain starts to make an association with those lyrics, rhythms and your pleasure. This way when you are in need of a boost, you can listen to this playlist and in that moment you are having a direct impact on your mindset even if you do not realize.
However, you may use other items, partnered with masturbation. Working with these items while masturbating is the sexual component of sex magic. While you are pleasuring yourself, learn to feel the power of that item(s). Focus on the sense or senses being stimulating and allow your mind to make that association between that item(s) and your self-pleasure. This is what makes sex magic, teaching your mind to associate self-pleasure with your mental power.

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Sex magic is not something that can be done once, and BAM! everything comes true. Rather, it is about developing a relationship with yourself, and teaching your mind and body to find pleasure in achieving your true intensions. Once you have reached a level of unconscious attraction of your true intensions then you will have a bit more master over your power, and you may not need to practice as frequently or with the help of these items. You may even be able to take it to the next level and start utilizing the combined energy of you and your partner(s). This is a more advanced technique and to be done with a partner(s) you have a close and safer relationship with, so no rush.

Still from Pleasure Mapping episode

Just start with your own personal powers and pleasures, before moving up.
Whats most important to remember about sex magic is it takes time, it is not overnight and your manifestations may not come to be as you imagined them. Your mind and body, when used in such a way can be a powerful and dangerous thing. So be careful about your manifestations and reflect deeply on your true intensions. Do not use this technique to seek revenge or darker experiences, better stick to the light and focus on your true intensions instead of manifesting for others. Overall, be willing to accept how the universe may manifest your goals, your confidence may not come from achieving a certain look but rather these intensions may manifest themselves in a mental transformation over physical.

There are many layers to sex magic, which we at Sex School will be exploring with the help of our experienced sex educator, Amber Mallery. Keep a close eye on our social media to learn a lot more about sex magic and how to unconsciously attract your true intensions.


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