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Making the holidays Sexy, and Ethical

The holidays are often seen as a time of consumerism within our culture. Often the search for the “perfect gift” is a stressful task that we find ourselves putting off. This holiday we are giving you our sexy suggestions for what to buy your partner in bed or partner in crime. This year make sure your funds go to supporting a more pleasurable cause. 

  1. First up, a subscription at Sex School. This may seem obvious, but hear us out. Our subscriptions offer you a monthly rate that is both affordable and pleasurable. Who would not want the gift of an orgasm, now times that by 100 to include each of our episodes and vast library of ethical porn. A subscription at Sex School not only is an ethical and affordable choice, but it’s also one that promotes sex positivity and impacts sexual culture. Our episodes are not only porn, but lessons to getting the most out of your sex life.

  1. Other Nature: Other Nature is a queer, sex-positive, eco-friendly and vegan sex shop where you can find the perfect gift of any kind this holiday season. Other Nature’s products range from toys to books meaning not everything has to be vibrating or phallic…unless you want it to be. Best of all your money would be directly going to a company that embodies sex positivity, over a large-scale commercialized company that may or may not be using toxic toy materials.
  1. Chakrubs: Speaking of toy materials, ever heard of crystal sex tools that provide a different kind of vibration? Chakrubs is a unique brand that focuses on using toys to heal or “bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime”. These pleasure products are not only stunning, but function with a focus on different properties of pleasure, like temperature play and weight. You can shop by the specific material of each product or the shape giving you the perfect product to explore with. Best of all Chakrubs explains the properties of each stone and provide instructions on cleansing and pairing the stone with you, to intensify the experience.

These are just a few suggestions for anyone on your nice or naughty list this holiday season. Wherever you choose to spend, just remember to think about who you choosing to support. Ethical shopping is more than how you spend your money, and more about how the company spends your money.


Amber Mallery