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  • Hi, do you have a tutorial on oral sex for women? As in: how to pleasure a woman orally? Thanks a mill!


    we are currently working on the second season, 13 new experiences that will be launched from January 2023.

    Oral Sex is on of the great topics.

    XO Team

  • yes

  • Hi! Love your content :) How can I talk about make porn with my boyfriend? (Ask him to do it with him) Thnx <3

  • How can I explore my pansexuality with my gay partner?

  • Sex with transgender

  • Can you do a video about dirty talk and communication during sex? I think that would be both educational and hot!

  • Just wondering if I have already purchased the Basic membership is there a discounted way to upgrade to Premium or will I need to pay the full amount?

    Hi, if you want to upgrade to premium write the code ” getit ” and you will have a discount!


  • How about a Video about Sexuality and disability

    Hi Raul,

    thanks for your comment, we have the topic on our top list!

    XO Team




  • How can I be more open to trying head with my partner

    Hi, thanks for your question, there is not a way to be more open, this should come after checking your boundaries, getting to know what you like and what you want to give, if always cool experiment, best is to talk openly with your partner about how you feel about this and find the way that you both enjoy,  Open communication is a key to be open in sex. Respect and consent are a must.